Take Care of your Auger, and Your Auger Will Take Care of You!

March 28, 2016 daryl bauer

Even the most hard core of us ice-anglers are now resigned to the fact that it is going to be a few months until we are on the ice again.  Yes, I go through a period of depression every year when the ice melts.  In short order, I pick up the open-water rods and reels and “get back on the horse”, but I still am counting the days until we again have ice!

So, I know many of you reading this are about to quit reading, because you wish not to listen to any crazy persons, but some of you are as addicted to the ice as me.  For those of you, here is an article I found recently with some good tips on putting away your gas-powered ice auger.  Do this and you will be ready to fire up the auger again next December!

Store your Auger Correctly for Next Season!

I especially like the recommendation of starting up the auger every month or so during the summer.  It is good for your auger and I L-O-V-E that sound!  I love starting up my Jiffy in the middle of August just to hear it run!  Soothes my soul!

Last year Santa Claus introduced me to an electric ice auger.  Obviously, there will be no need for fuel additives with an electric-powered auger, but I am sure keeping the batteries charged and the blades lubricated to prevent rust are going to be important as well.


A little bit of care and maintenance will go a long way!


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