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  • Another Teaser

    Another Teaser

    A few weeks ago I posted a few photos of fish our field biologists have sampled around the state this fall.  I have all the data now and am putting together next year’s Fishing Forecast.  Wait for...

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  • Holiday Gift: A New Muzzleloader!

    Holiday Gift: A New Muzzleloader!

    I have received an early Christmas gift from lovely wife of many years – Polly Wagner. What is it? Well, it is a brand-new, in-line .50 caliber muzzleloading rifle that is fully scoped for deer...

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  • Big game meetings scheduled across Nebraska

    LINCOLN, Neb. – Hunters and landowners are encouraged to offer their feedback on big game issues during the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s public informational meetings this winter. Meetings...

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  • Christmas Gifts

    Christmas Gifts

    Maybe you have your Christmas shopping all wrapped up already (pun intended).  But, I am betting like me, most of you are still wondering what to buy.  Good thing we still have time! I am not...

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  • Range Safety Officer Training sessions scheduled in Lincoln

    LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Center in Lincoln will host a two-session National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified Range Safety Officer Training this month....

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  • The Usual

    The Usual

    If you have been following my blog for any time, you know I often make a trip “out west” over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Those trips include a lot of feasting and family time, but usually some...

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  • November firearm deer harvest slightly higher than last year

    LINCOLN, Neb. – Deer harvest during the 2019 November firearm season in Nebraska is 2% ahead last year’s pace. During the nine-day season, there were 43,346 deer taken, compared to 42,466 in 2018....

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  • Game and Parks and Southeast Community College to offer turkey hunting course

    LINCOLN, Neb. – Join Nebraska Game and Parks Commission professionals and local hunting experts to learn the basics of turkey hunting at a Southeast Community College course. Held at the college’s...

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  • Schramm Education Center to offer monthly speaker series

    LINCOLN, Neb. – Guests to Schramm Education Center will soon have the opportunity to attend the Schramm Sunday Speaker Series, a monthly program featuring experts on the natural and cultural...

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  • Youth Fishing Instructor Newsletter, Fall 2019

    Youth Fishing Instructor Newsletter, Fall 2019

    It has been a while since I posted one of these: The post Youth Fishing Instructor Newsletter, Fall 2019 appeared first on Nebraskaland Magazine.

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  • How To Hunt Nebraska’s Wild Turkeys in Winter

    How To Hunt Nebraska’s Wild Turkeys in Winter

    I truly love wild turkeys and it’s no secret that I am a hardcore wild turkey hunter. I hunt wild turkeys in spring, fall and yes, in winter. I believe hunting the wild turkey (Meleagris...

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  • Marshes: A Winter Refuge for Pheasants

    Marshes: A Winter Refuge for Pheasants

    Nothing beats hunting a frozen-over, snow-covered marsh for wily rooster pheasants in the dead of winter. At this time, pheasants are concentrated in the marshes’ thick cover, and tracking birds...

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  • The Clearwater Elk – A Follow-up

    The Clearwater Elk – A Follow-up

    It was a bit quieter in farm country southwest of Clearwater this fall. Missing was the occasional bugle of a bull elk that showed up in Antelope County during the summer of 2006 when he was about...

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  • Ol’ Rough-legs

    Ol’ Rough-legs

    The rough-legged hawk may not stand out among raptors in looks, but it lives an interesting life. Perhaps you have seen this species along the road lately, but given its somewhat unassuming...

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  • Citizen Science

    Citizen Science

    Making their own discoveries. Jessica Gieseke is a bumble bee-catching machine. She picks her way through a clump of goldenrod buzzing with flies and soldier beetles and spots her target. In one...

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  • Turtles: Slowing Down for Winter

    Turtles: Slowing Down for Winter

    Some of Nebraska’s most common wildlife have the most magnificent survival abilities. A blast of below-zero temperatures got me thinking about a species I often catch sight of while casting a...

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  • Eastern Redcedar Threatens Bird Habitats

    Eastern Redcedar Threatens Bird Habitats

    Eastern redcedar invasion is the single largest threat to native grasslands across the Midwest, including the biologically unique Sandhills of Nebraska. This hardy, fast-growing species has long...

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  • Changes made to Thanksgiving pheasant release

    LINCOLN, Neb. – Hazardous weather conditions forced the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to alter slightly its Thanksgiving pheasant release schedule. Rooster pheasants were released in time for...

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  • Happy Thanksgiving, 2019

    Happy Thanksgiving, 2019

    I always do a short blog post before heading out the door for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Problem is I feel like I say the same thing year after year. Like many of you, I will be traveling, weather...

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  • Extremely Grateful

    Extremely Grateful

    The season for gratitude and reflection is upon us. Thanksgiving week is when we remind our families and friends how much they mean to us and express our sincere appreciation for what positive...

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