Lewis Sets Record High Score at State NASP Tournament

March 22, 2016 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN – Precious Lewis of Omaha’s Mater Dei Academy had the high overall score in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) state tournament on March 19 at Speedway Sporting Village in Lincoln.

Lewis scored 288 out of a possible 300 points to set a meet record for a female archer. Archers shot 15 arrows at targets from 10 meters and 15 arrows from 15 meters. Mater Dei’s Ronald Fries had the high male score of 285 points.

The state’s largest archery event, in its 11th year, included a record 776 archers from a record 31 schools. NASP is an in-school curriculum covering target archery for students in grades 4-12. In Nebraska, 259 schools have NASP as part of their physical education curriculum, and 35,000 students participate each school year.

Two other scoring records were broken at the tournament. The Expect the X homeschool team of Lincoln had the highest-ever score for a high school team with 3,327 points. Lincoln’s Pound Middle School scored 3,114 points to set a middle school record.

Results are as follows:

Individual Results

High School Female – 1. Precious Lewis, Mater Dei, 288 points; 2. Jaci Tubbs, North Star, Lincoln, 280; 3. Jemma Farabee, Expect the X, 279; 4. Mary Steil, Gross Catholic, Omaha, 277; 5. Jennifer Cerise, Mater Dei, 276

High School Male – 1. Ronald Fries, Mater Dei, 285; 2. Boaz Bornschlegl, Expect the X, 284; 3. Jose Nevada, Mater Dei, 282; 4. Caleb Becker, Expect the X, 281; 5. Matt Hotz, Expect the X, 280

Middle School Female – 1. Dannen Farabee, Expect the X, 285; 2. Nyia Mitchell, Irving, 276; 3. Collene Cerise, Mater Dei, 272; 4. Esther Becker, Expect the X, 268; 5. Maile Hafkamp, Mater Dei, 265

Middle School Male – 1. Hudson Hall, Pound, 284; 2. Malachi Bornschlegl, Expect the X, 277; 3. Ambrose Terneus, Arrows 2 Ammo homeschool, Bellevue, 275; 4. Calvin Hotz, Expect the X, 274; 5. Matthew Gruhn, Irving Middle School, Lincoln, 273

Elementary Female – 1. Lora Yel, Blessed Sacrament, Lincoln, 269; 2. Hannah Nichols, Expect the X, 264; 3. Magdalen Osantowski, Mater Dei, 249; 4. Makenna Lesiak, St. John the Apostle, Lincoln, 231; 5. Mary Kuck, Mater Dei, 231

Elementary Male – 1. Josh Richardson, Blessed Sacrament, 262; 2. Christian Henriquez, All Saints Catholic, Omaha, 253; 3. Logan Driver, Blessed Sacrament, 253; 4. Max Bugbee, St. John the Apostle, 243; 5. Andrew Furasek, St. John the Apostle, 242

Team Results

High School – 1. Expect the X, 3,327 points; 2. Mater Dei, 3,287; 3. Lincoln Southeast, 3,218

Middle School Division – 1. Pound, Lincoln, 3,114; 2. Mater Dei, 3,035; 3. Irving, 3,000

Elementary Division – 1. Blessed Sacrament, 2,637; 2. Mater Dei, 2,513; 3. Arrows2Ammo, 2,447

Nebraska Bowhunters Association Sportsmanship Trophy – Irving Middle School, Lincoln

Nebraska Endowment Scholarship Winners – Female: Precious Lewis, Mater Dei, $1,000; Shaina Herrell, Lincoln Southeast, $250; Male: Holden Pulver, Lincoln Southeast, $1,000; Hudson Hall, Pound Middle School, Lincoln, $250


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