Ice Fishing Nebraska on Jason Mitchell Outdoors!

October 27, 2017 daryl bauer

Last winter I told you about a little trip I took to the beautiful Nebraska sandhills; a trip to assist with some filming for a TV fishing show, TV Ice Fishing.


Obviously, that filming was done for a couple of ice-fishing episodes for Jason Mitchell Outdoors.  The filming last winter was done for ice-fishing episodes that will be airing this ice season.  Well, they started airing ice-fishing episodes on Jason Mitchell Outdoors a couple of weeks ago, and the second episode was one of them produced last February in Nebraska.  Here it is!

Sure, I know we do not have ice yet, but if that does not get you all fired up for ice, there is something wrong with you.  (Do not write me nasty-grams, I know I just said that if you do not ice-fish there is something wrong with you, I meant it, ice anglers are NOT the crazy ones!).

The big crappie caught during that episode was the star of the show, but the Jason Mitchell crew was very impressed with the size of panfish pulled through Nebraska ice holes.  They never did quit talking about how big that crappie was, and it was a P-I-G!

They put a couple of shows “in the can” while in Nebraska.  I cannot wait until they air the second one!  I will let you know when I see it!


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