City of Fremont Water System Advisory Includes Fremont SRA

July 7, 2016 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN – As a precautionary measure, visitors to Fremont State Recreation Area (SRA) are advised to boil their cooking and drinking water for at least the next 24 hours.

This recommendation is in place because the water system for the city of Fremont was without pressure for approximately 30 minutes. Fremont SRA is served by the city’s water system, therefore this recommendation should be followed by visitors to the SRA, too. Because the city’s water is chlorinated, it is unlikely that the water supply was contaminated, but Fremont city officials are recommending that residents boil their water, just to be safe.

City of Fremont municipal staff is addressing this issue and will be taking water samples throughout the city, for submission to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services for testing. Results of the test will be known July 8.

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