Clear Head, Smooth Sailing

July 8, 2016 daryl bauer

I have always said that one of the best places to hang out if you want a good laugh is a boat ramp on a busy summer day.  I have seen some pretty embarrassing things happen there, boats launched on the concrete instead of in the water, boats that would not come off of the trailer because the tie-downs were still attached, bad backing, water rushing in over the stern, etc., etc.  Practice makes perfect and there are a lot of folks that just plain need more practice.

I observed a regional TBF bass tournament just across the border on the Missouri River in SoDakota one summer.  On a double-lane boat ramp, you would be amazed how fast 50 or so bass boats can be launched and recovered.  Pointy-headed fish biologists that spend a lot of time on the water usually get pretty good around boat ramps too.  However, I have not seen anyone quite as good as the guy featured in these videos and certainly no one as cool as this guy:

I believe those are boating safety commercials that run “across the pond”.  I think they are hilarious.  But notice the messaging–wear your life jacket, use the kill switch, and do not drink and boat!  The videos might be funny, but they teach a lot too!

Hope you have a chance to get on the water, maybe catch some fish, this weekend.  Have fun, but be safe!  GO FISH!



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