Winter Bass Fishing

December 14, 2018 daryl bauer

It’s Friday, time to lighten up.  I found this video, one of Fat Cat Newton’s, it was shot at the beginning of last year’s ice season, but the tips here will help going into this season.

Yes, there was more to that video, if you want to see the rest of it, and more like it, if you want to waste some time this weekend, Fat Cat Newton.

I watched that video and immediately thought of an interview I did once with a very famous professional bass angler.  If I said his name, you would all know who, but I will not.  He was in town promoting some product and we got the chance to interview him for Outdoor Nebraska radio.  It was during the off-season, during the winter, and thinking he might be doing some fishing while he was traveling on business, we asked him if he had ever ice-fished.  He said “no” and furthermore he had no intention of ever ice-fishing unless someone could make a hole big enough for his bass boat!

I did not think much of his answer; those southern bass boys just do not know what they are missing, don’t know that they could learn a whole lot about catching even more bass if they would try fishing through a hole in the ice.

At least Fat Cat is giving it a try!

Who knew you could catch bedding bass through the ice?!

Yep, I caught this one on a Whopper Plopper fished on a drop-shot rig!

Just before I caught hippothermia.


Have a great weekend.  If you are hitting the ice, make sure it is safe!


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