July 21, 2017 daryl bauer

“All fishermen are liars except you and me, and sometimes I wonder about you.”

There is at least some truth to that statement.  Certainly, one of the things we love about fishing is the stories, the experiences we have and the re-telling of those stories.  It is part of angling culture.

For the weekend, just for fun, here are some fish stories you might enjoy reading.  Of course they are all true!

17 Mind-blowing Fishing Tales

You know how I am always bragging about Nebraska as the “mixed bag capitol of the world”; that is true of both our hunting and fishing opportunities.  That reminds me of the time I was hunting up on the Snake River, it was deer season and I had just dropped a turdy-point muley.  I noticed some greenheads cupping into a bend in the river, so I swapped out the bow for my shotgun and put the sneak on those mallards.  On the jump I doubled-up, and then settled into the brush and finished up my limit when the next flock landed.  On the way back to the pickup, I jumped a couple of rooster pheasants, and doubled-up on them too–my shooting was unbelievable that day.  About that time a flock of sharptails came gliding over, and I up and dropped a couple of them too.  Then I spotted a bunch of turkeys on the other side of the river, so I waded across, got in front of them, and jelly-headed a big ole Tom.  I waded a little deep on the way back, over-topped my hip boots, it was cold, but I was OK.  When I reached the home side, I threw the 25-pound turkey down, laid on my back and lifted my legs so the water would drain out of my waders–a couple of 4-pound brown trout flopped out onto the ground.

What a day!

Have a great weekend everyone, GO FISH, make memories, make up stories!


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