What’s It Really Like Down There?

August 22, 2017 daryl bauer

One of the biggest challenges of fishing is locating fish and understanding their behavior; that challenge is complicated because much of the time we cannot see the fish!  I am not a diver, cannot even swim very well, so I am fascinated by fish in aquaria, fascinated by underwater pictures of fish!

A few weeks ago I referred to a blog and the website on which it was hosted, Engbretson Underwater Photography.  I love resources like that because they give a glimpse below the surface of the water.


In the past, I have even blogged about “Visualization” and how that mental exercise can make you a better angler.  Visualization that includes knowing what is below the surface of the water or at least a mental image of what is down there.

So, imagine my delight when it finally dawned on me that Engebretson Underwater Photography also has a YouTube channel!

Spend some time being mesmerized by those videos, you better believe I subscribed to the channel!  If it does not help me catch fish, it at least entertains me over my lunch hour!


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