The Feeling Never Ends

October 7, 2016 daryl bauer

I have blogged several times about how every human being is a hunter, it is in our blood, in our DNA.  We all have eyes in the front of our heads, that gives us binocular vision which is a huge asset for predators.  Prey have eyes in the side of their heads, a huge asset for avoiding predators.  Hunting, fishing, trapping, it is all the same DNA, the same instincts.  It is who we are.  It is who I am.

In our modern world, it amazes me the lengths some folks will go to deny that they are in fact hunters.  They must see something different in the mirror than I do.

You have probably seen this commercial on TV in recent weeks.  These are some folks, young and old, who are in touch with who they are, are keenly aware of the fact that they are part of the circle of life.  I love this commercial!

You see people feeling alive, more alive than they every have.

A recent story about a Nebraska Elk hunt is another great example of this, 14-year-old’s Monster Elk Could Be Nebraska State Record.

You see a lot of emotions in that video and if you have ever been successful on a hunt, or a fishing trip, you likely have experienced many of those same emotions, maybe all of them.  Yep, even crying.

Nope, I am not one bit ashamed of it.

Also not ashamed that we, hunters, anglers, and trappers are and continue to be, the original conservationists!

Get on the water, in the field, and celebrate that feeling this weekend!


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