Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!

July 17, 2017 daryl bauer

I do not have anything new to blog about today, but I do want to return to a topic I have addressed many times–want to continue to keep this in front of everyone. . . .

Unless you live under a really big rock, you have heard about aquatic invasive species and the threat they pose to our aquatic ecosystems and to our fisheries.  Everyone who uses any of our waters for fishing, boating, outdoor recreation of any kind, needs to be aware of this and be a part of the solution!

This is in no way the first web page dedicated to the topic, and likely it will not be the last, but it is an excellent one because it includes a lot of “stuff”; you need to spend a few minutes looking around HERE:  Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers.

SAH_Brand_Mark_Sig_H2L-1 (1)

There is a wealth of information there about what you can do, any water user, kayaker, swimmer, boater, angler, any water user.  “Clean, Drain, and Dry” applies to all.  There also is a list of organizations who are partnering in spreading the word, maybe you are part of an organization who can sign up?  Or maybe just take the pledge to do what you can!


If you click around, you can find a lot more information and resources, don’t just read my blog, check it out.

On a related topic, if you are a non-resident boater, someone who’s boat is licensed through another state, do not forget that you will need the Nebraska non-resident Aquatic Invasive Species sticker on your boat.


You can purchase that stamp on-line through our permits system.

Resident boaters, you are not exempt, but you do NOT have to purchase the stamp.  Each time you register your boat you will contribute an additional $5 to the invasive species fund.

Make sure you do YOUR part to keep some invasive species from ruining our waters, our fishing!

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