Steuben is junior high champion at Cornhusker Trapshoot

May 5, 2017 Jerry Kane

DONIPHAN, Neb. – Thursday was a two-trophy day for Brock Steuben. He was the overall individual champion and was part of the winning 4-H team during the junior high competition in the 48th Cornhusker Trapshoot.

Steuben, of Blue River 4-H, hit 98 of 100 targets at 16 yards, and then defeated Lincoln Lux Middle School’s Dalton Jirsa, who also shot 98, in a shoot-off.

Steuben was joined by Austin Lorenz, Collyn Brummett, Brennen Stones and Eli Friesen on Blue River’s winning 4-H team, which shot 471 of 500.

Ashley Rose of Centura shot 93 of 100 targets to become the top ladies’ finisher. Centura hit 448 of 500 targets for the top junior high team score. Elmwood-Murdock 4-H had the top ladies team with a 350.

On Thursday, 843 junior high shooters competed.

More than 1,600 senior high students are expected to shoot 75 rounds of 16-yard targets Friday. They will shoot 75 handicap targets Saturday, and the combined scores of the two days will determine the overall champion, the Cornhusker Cup winner.

The junior high results are:

Top 20 Individuals – 1. Brock Steuben, Blue River 4-H, 98 of 100 (won shoot-off); 2. Dalton Jirsa, Lincoln Lux Middle School, 98; 3. Sam Devereaux, Elkhorn Ridge, 97; 4. Howe Hunter, Platte Valley 4-H, 97; 5. Cole Sorenson, Waverly, 97; 6. Corbin Fix, Norris, 96; 7. Austin Lorenz, Blue River 4-H, 96; 8. Jeremy Cripps, Platte Valley 4-H, 96; 9. Riley Stewart, Fairbury, 96; 10. Kace Thoren, Boulder County, Colo., 96; 11. Aydon Nelson, Lincoln Pound Middle School, 96; 12. Trenton Srajhans, Fillmore County 4-H, 95; 13. Lane Zabokrtsky, Fairbury, 25; 14. Mason Gerdes, Raymond Central, 95; 15. Rylan Packet, Waverly, 95; 16. Blake Beiber, Cedar Hollow, 94; 17. Zach Egeland, Merrick County 4-H, 94; 18. Justin Bredthauer, Centura, 94; 19. Jaron Cooper, Sutherland, 94; 20. Adam Kotas, Wilber 4-H, 94

Top Six Ladies – 1. Ashley Rose, Centura, 93 of 100; 2. Kaitlin Smith, Lifegate, 92; 3. KayLynn Sieber, Fillmore County 4-H, 90; 4. Morgan Krinke, St. Joseph 4-H, 89; 5. Madison Branek, Pawnee City, 89; 6. Lauren Glinsmann, Norris, 88

Top Three 4-H Teams – 1. Blue River 4-H (Austin Lorenz, Collyn Brummett, Brennen Stones, Brock Steuben, Eli Friesen), 471 of 500; 2. Merrick County 4-H, 453; 3. Fillmore County 4-H, 452

Top Ladies Team – 1. Elmwood-Murdock 4-H (Katelyn Stewart, Taylor Douglas, Alexis Bacon, Sela Rikkli, Makenna Schomaker), 350 of 500

Top Six Teams – 1. Centura 1 (Justin Bredthauer, Jadon Gascho, Tanner Simdorn, Mason Kuszak, Spencer Landers), 448 of 500; 2. Elkhorn Ridge Gold, 437; 3. North Platte Blue, 432; 4. Lincoln Scott Middle School, 432; 5. Waverly 1, 429; 6. Norris 1, 427

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