July 23, 2021 daryl bauer

I try to “lighten up” with my Friday blog posts.  There were a couple of things I had in mind for today, but I changed my mind. . . .

I love fish pictures, never get tired of fish pictures.  So what could be better than looking over a bunch of fish pictures?

We are in our third year of our Take ‘Em Fishing challenge.  Right now there are 24 pages of fish pictures that have been entered for Take ‘Em Fishing this year.  Many of those 24 pages of photos are kids gripping a fish and grinning from ear-to-ear.  Cannot “lighten up” any more than that on a Friday!

Here are some of my favorties:TakeEmFishing2021







There are a bunch more, follow the link above, spend some time looking at the pictures, read the stories.  It will make your day.

Better yet, find a kid, find someone who has not been fishing in a while, get out there and make your own memories.  I know hot weather is in the forecast.  Wear the old tenner shoes, some cut-offs, jump in, and cool off while you are waiting for a fish to bite!

While you are at it, snap a photo and enter the Take ‘Em Fishing challenge yourself!

Have a great weekend!


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