September Cast and Blast

September 12, 2018 daryl bauer

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know that I believe the best open-water fishing of the year is upon us right now.  I love fall fishing.  I have touted the many reasons I love fishing in the fall, and one of those is there is a lot less activity on our waters in the fall.  There are a lot of other outdoor pursuits that occupy people’s time in the fall; once the fall hunting seasons start to open, the bows and guns come out while the rods get put away.  I fully understand that; I like to hunt too.

Another thing I have done over the years is promote Nebraska as the “mixed bag capitol”.  That has been used to describe the many hunting opportunities in Nebraska, but it also applies to the variety of fishing opportunities our great state offers.  Taking that theme a step further, fall is the perfect time to combine hunting and fishing opportunities–the ultimate mixed bag!

My family and I were “out west” for a family celebration recently and of course the fishing gear, as well as the shotguns and plenty of ammo, went along with us.  Here was our dove shooting set-up:


Like most of us, my daughter struggled to hit the doves she shot at, but she managed to drop a couple.  “Swing that gun barrel, swing, swing, SWING!”


We will have some dove poppers!


Then we slipped away one evening for a little trout fishing.  We had to cover some water to find fish that were feeding, and believe me they were still very picky about what they ate, but we managed to dry off a couple.


Doves and trout were the combo on this trip, but there are almost limitless opportunities for other cast/blast combos in Nebraska this fall:  sandhills ducks or grouse and some pike or panfish; panhandle pronghorns and brookies; North Platte River waterfowl and reservoir walleyes and wipers; morning in the deer stand and afternoon on the water.  So much game, so many fish, and so little time!

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