See sharp-tailed grouse on lek April 7 in Boyd County

March 22, 2018 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN, Neb. – Take a guided sunrise tour to watch sharp-tailed grouse on a lek April 7 in Boyd County.

The Sharptails and Saddle Tales event will provide the public an opportunity to view the annual return of sharp-tailed grouse to their spring dancing grounds. A lek is an assembly area where grouse display their courtship behavior. The males extend their wings, stomp their feet and dance around the lek, and then suddenly stop – all to impress on-looking female grouse.

Following the tour, participants will meet at the Naper Café for a breakfast buffet, presentations on sharptail biology and stories of how sharptails and grouse hunters are giving back to Nebraska ranchers by providing conservation cost-share opportunities. The morning will conclude with a history and tour of the White Horse Ranch Museum in Naper.

The $30 registration fee includes transportation to and from the lek, breakfast, educational speakers, and the museum tour. The registration deadline is April 5. Call 402-582-4866 or 402-376-5842 or email to sign up or reserve a spot in the photo blind.

For more information, visit–events.

The tour is sponsored by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Northern Prairies Land Trust, Natural Resources Conservation Service, North Central and Northeast Nebraska Resource, Conservation and Development, and Naper Historical Society.

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