Nebraska Walleye Association

March 23, 2018 daryl bauer

It has been a while since I linked up with the Nebraska Walleye Association (NWA), but we finally got our schedules together.  The NWA folks will be hanging out at the LaVista Cabela’s all this weekend, and I plan to meet up with them in the meeting room at 1:00 on Sunday.

2010_logo_460 (2)

Oh yes, I will have a short PowerPoint presentation:


But, most of all I like meeting with Nebraska fishing groups like the NWA just so we can swap some fish stories and I can answer questions!

You know you need to make a run to Cabela’s, you know you need to stock up on some jigs or crankbaits or a new spinning reel; you might as well plan to do it this coming Sunday.  Plan to stop by and meet the folks from the NWA and plan to sit in and listen to me ramble for a while.  See you there!

Walleyes? Oh yes, I’m for ’em!

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