Road opens to Blue Lake

March 24, 2017 justin haag

ALLIANCE, Neb. — The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has opened the access road to Blue Lake in the Sandhills of Garden County.

The 2.7-mile two-track trail through private property was closed late this winter because it became muddy and susceptible to damage during thawing.

Blue Lake is a popular fishing destination 22 miles north of Oshkosh near the Crescent Lake Wildlife Management Area and Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Because access to the lake is allowed only through a lease agreement with the landowner, Commission officials ask that visitors be especially mindful of rules posted at the entrance. They include staying on the road and closing gates.

The lake is open only during daylight hours and allows no camping, hunting, ATVs, horses or littering. Only four-wheel drive vehicles are allowed.

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