“Here Fishy”

March 23, 2017 daryl bauer

This little video is something else that I saw floating around FaceBook recently:

Fish Wishperer

Now for all you struggling fishermen and women, try this!

Posted by Smart RC and Fishing on Friday, December 30, 2016

Actually, I had a cousin who “tagged” me and called my attention to that video.  I replied to him, that upon seeing it, I immediately thought of my Grandma Bauer!

Andy said that is exactly what he thought too!

I do not know how young I might have been, but I can remember sitting on the shores of Lake McConaughy, fishing, we were always fishing, and Grandma would sing a little song:

Fishy, fishy, in the brook,
Come and bite on Daryl’s hook.

I imagine she inserted my cousin’s names in that little ditty when she was fishing with them.

It worked!


Still does!


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