Right Size Jig

May 6, 2020 daryl bauer

It is hard to write a blog about fishing jigs.  Jigs come in an infinite variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colors, bodies, etc., etc.  Likewise, jigs can be fished in a variety of ways for a variety of species of fish.  You can catch anything that swims on a jig.  Furthermore, if you learn to be a good jig-fisher, you will flat out be a good fisher.  Period.  Many of the best sticks I know are great jig fishers.

So, it is hard to generalize about jigs and jig fishing.  I am going to post a video anyhow, one that at least applies to fishing jigs for walleyes, but is fundamental, basic.  If you think this applies only to walleye fishing. . . . Well, see what I said above.

Never forget that depth control and speed control are the two most important variables when selecting which baits to fish where.  One reason jigs are so versatile is that those variables can be tuned so easily by selecting different weights.  Start there, then worry about size, action, shapes, bodies, and lastly, colors.

I will never tell you that you need to buy the most expensive rods and reels.  However, I will tell you that you definitely get what you pay for, and quality equipment; rods, reels, line, and hooks make a big difference when fishing jigs.  Every angler has their personal preference, but if you can see the need for a quality rod and reel for jig fishing, there are several good ones out there.  Yes, I have invested $$$ in good jigging rods!

As with anything else in life, “practice makes perfect”.  Jigs are relatively inexpensive, it is easy to fill a tackle box or three with them, and it is easy to fish one pretty much every time you are on the water.  Do it.  You will catch more fish, and you will be a better angler because of it!


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