Ramp Replacement, Hershey I-80 Lake

May 1, 2017 daryl bauer

Just a quick news item to blog about today, and I know it will not impact a lot of Nebraska anglers, but it will impact some. . . .

In recent years we have made some boat ramp and angler access improvements on interstate lakes.  There are always some unexpected challenges with any project, and sometimes things just do not come out quite right the first time.

Hershey I-80 Lake is a long-time favorite of mine, have spent a lot of hours catching a lot of nice fish there.  A couple of years ago a new concrete boat ramp was installed at Hershey.  Well, that boat ramp never was quite right and it needs to be replaced.

I have been told that equipment is on-site at Hershey and that work will begin soon.  So, if you are planning to launch a boat at Hershey, you are going to be inconvenienced in the coming weeks.  How long that work will take, I do not know right now, but I would guess it will be a few weeks.


Until then, do not give up on it.  Launching of big boats may be curtailed for awhile, but there are still some nice fish in Hershey I-80 lake and they can be caught without a boat!

Never have caught a lot of walleyes from Hershey I-80 lake, but over the years have dried-off a few.

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