Puttin’ in Time at the Gym!

February 8, 2018 daryl bauer

Started a new workout the other day. . . .

Preparação para abertura da pesca !!!

Olha ai o nosso amigo Pescador de Plantão Denis Viana se preparando para a abertura da pesca amigos kkkkUm abraço amigo e boas pescarias sempre parceiro !!!Curtam a pagina Pescadores De Plantão amigos www.facebook.com/pescadoresdeplantaooficialSe inscrevam em nosso canal no YouTube: goo.gl/84rtPM

Posted by Pescadores De Plantão on Monday, January 29, 2018

For some reason I keep getting funny looks from people.  But, I have to admit I am not getting as many from the ladies in Yoga pants as I was when I started.  You would think they never saw a guy in chest waders before!



Big fish matter.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The video ain’t actually me, but it has been making the rounds on the inter-webs lately.  Thought I could have some fun with it.

More my kind of workout!

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