Public advised to check conditions when planning a park visit

March 13, 2019 cara pesek

LINCOLN, Neb. – Warmer temperatures have arrived in parts of Nebraska, but those considering a trip to a state park or recreation area should call ahead before planning a visit.

The arrival of warmer weather after record or near-record snow accumulation and ice buildup in parts of the state has increased the likelihood of lowland flooding, which may affect parks and recreation areas adjacent to Nebraska’s streams and rivers.

Additionally, heavy snowfall and poor travel conditions elsewhere in the state could also lead to park closures.

The parks team is monitoring the situation and will implement precautionary measures to isolate or temporarily close park areas, or access to portions of park areas, in areas that are prone to flooding or that experience heavy snowfall. These actions will be determined by park managers and administrators. Additional measures may be implemented as directed by other governing agencies or civil defense authorities.

Staff will also implement preventive actions to remove or isolate facilities within potential flood zones.

For information on conditions at a specific park, contact the park directly. Park contact information is available at The public may also call the Nebraska Game and Parks headquarters at 402-471-0641.


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