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March 13, 2019 daryl bauer

A few weeks ago I did something different, something new, something that I think is really cool. . . .

I was contacted by a guy from SoDakota to do some audio recordings, “pod cast” kind of things.  I talk to writers, reporters all the time, do radio shows, pod casts, etc., so I figured “sure, no problem”.

But, this was different.

The gentleman I met was Buddy Seiner.  Buddy has an unique project where he records and preserves fish stories!  Check out his web page,

Here is a description from his web page:

Before Instagram feeds, Youtube videos, Snapchat, and written records there were only fish stories.

Anglers would tell their tall tales with vivid expressions of emotion and enthusiasm.  The fish got bigger, and the fights got longer, with each new telling of their tale.  The “ones that got away” were more heartbreaking for the storyteller with each pronounced syllable.

Fish Stories is the first online archive for audio fishing stories. We will work to capture the voices of anglers we care about, so that their legacies will live on for future generations.


Check it out, there are a whole bunch of recordings there, a whole bunch of great fish stories!  You can search by keyword or category; stories about fishing partners, big fish caught, big fish lost, memorable trips, forgettable trips, etc., etc., etc.  If you fish, you will relate to every one of them!  Some of them will pull a tear from your eye, some of them will make you laugh, some of them will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.  All of them are great stories!

If you wish, “Nebraska” is one key word and you will find that Buddy has already recorded a bunch of stories from some of the best sticks in our great state.  I know that many of you will want to listen to those.

If you wish, you will even find a few recordings there with my voice on them:

Prized Brook Trout


Check it out, listen to some stories, sign up to support, and best of all, record your own!

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