Day 5: Rest Day in Long Pine

June 23, 2017 alyssa baldridge

The smell of campfire smoke woke me. Jamie, who arrived early that morning, was preparing coals for a Dutch oven breakfast when I popped my head out of the tent. She made us biscuits and sausage gravy, which hit the spot.

We spent most of the morning and afternoon around camp. Larry caught some brown trout out of the creek, while Jamie gave us a small lesson on the biodiversity and ecology of Long Pine Creek. We savored our rest by the campfire before heading out to Keller Park SRA to do some fishing that late

Commission staff at the Bassett office were there to greet us. We can never thank them enough for feeding us that night, grilled venison dogs with all the sides and fixings. Following dinner, we hiked out to the ponds at Keller where Carine caught her first rainbow trout. I told her that she had to kiss it, and she actually did it, because Carine is a good sport in that way. Larry caught a 10-pound catfish and several trout.

Jim and Bob did not fish, but enjoyed the beautiful evening at Keller nonetheless. It was so nice for Jamie and me to catch up with staff. At bedtime, Jamie and I stayed up way too late for “girl talk,” while Bob was in the next tent, wondering when we would finally shut up.

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