Plan Ahead for Hunter Ed

July 10, 2018 Aaron Hershberger

While it might be harder to think about hunting season when summer temperatures are getting into the high 90’s, hunting season is just around the corner! Archery deer, dove, and teal seasons will kick off in less than two months and those months can skip by faster than you expect. That’s why some forethought now will make for a stress free slide into the best time of the year.

Anyone between the ages of 12 and 29 hunting in Nebraska is required to have passed a Hunter Education course, and now is a great time to get it handled.

Youths between the ages of 11 and 15 have two options: First is the traditional classroom course taught over a period of a few days; the second is an online independent study course followed by attendance at a two hour Hunt Safe Session.

Individuals age 16 to 29 can do either of those options, or complete their certification solely online.

While online courses don’t fill up, traditional classroom classes and Hunt Safe Sessions are in high demand as the season approaches and some fill very quickly.  So plan ahead for Hunter Education.

For more information or to find a class visit

Jackson Ellis
Hunter Education Coordinator
Nebraska Game & Parks Commission

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