NEWS FLASH! Attention Central Nebraska Canal Anglers

April 20, 2017 daryl bauer

I debated whether to blog about this or not, but then I thought if you were an angler that fishes the canal system in central Nebraska, you need to know about this.  I know several of you are!

News Release

(HOLDREGE, Neb.) – The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District, working in conjunction with the Nebraska Public Power District, has decreased outflows from Lake McConaughy significantly to aid in a recovery effort related to a vehicle entering NPPD’s Keystone Canal.  Because of this flow reduction, Central’s supply canal and associated supply canal reservoirs may experience significant fluctuations in elevation and inflow for an unforeseen amount of time into the near future.

Central will attempt to utilize this unexpected low water opportunity to perform maintenance on supply canal and hydropower plant equipment and structures.  At this point the timing, duration, and locations of associated reservoir level fluctuations are unclear and Central asks for your understanding and patience. Please direct any questions to Central’s Holdrege office at 308-995-8601

Again that news release comes from The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District.

The car in the canal is above the “flume” downstream of Lake Ogallala.  If you have fished that stretch you know where that is located.  I know nothing more than that about the accident, driver, etc.

The fluctuations in water levels will not take long, but if you are fishing anywhere on that system, from Lake Ogallala clear down to the Canaday Steam Plant in the next few days, there might be lower water than you expected.  Of course that will impact current fishing conditions and patterns, but things will soon be back to “normal”.

Inlet, Johnson Lake

UPDATE:  Pickup was retrieved from the canal last Saturday.  Water is being diverted at the Keystone Diversion again, canal flows are ramping back up.  Water will be held in Sutherland to get levels back up there before being sent downstream.  So, inflows at Lake Maloney probably will not begin to rise until later this week and then on down the system.

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