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October 3, 2022 daryl bauer

I know these news releases have been circulating for a few days.  I also know that it is fall and fishing activity is winding down.  However, if you are still fishing, or hoping to fish, on any of these waters, then this is news you need to know.  So, I am spreading the word again:

Drawdown will affect boating access at three SRAs

A planned drawdown of Lake Ogallala for infrastructure maintenance will affect boating access at three Nebraska state recreation areas this fall.

Lake Ogallala, Sutherland Reservoir and Lake Maloney SRAs will have limited access. It will begin with the Sept. 26 lowering of Lake Ogallala as part of a scheduled maintenance project on the Keystone Diversion Dam by the Nebraska Public Power District.

Boat docks at Lake Ogallala are being removed in anticipation of the drawdown. Docks at Sutherland and Maloney will be adjusted, as needed.

NPPD coordinated the timing of the project with Nebraska Game and Parks Commission so it would occur during a time of anticipated low water and lower recreational use. NPPD owns the three properties for irrigation and power production but has an agreement with Nebraska Game and Parks to manage them for recreation.

Read details of the project at

Visit to find camping sites in Nebraska state park areas.


Some good news:

Marina Bay, Thunder Bay east boat ramps open at Sherman Reservoir

Repairs have been completed, and the Marina Bay boat ramp is open at Sherman Reservoir State Recreation Area. Because of the rising lake level, the east boat ramp at Thunder Bay also is open.

Low water levels in the reservoir had exposed a significant settlement of the east lane of the Marina Bay ramp, which had caused a nearly 5-inch lip to occur on the ramp. On the west lane, the ramp was cracked and needed immediate repair during the low-water period.

Thunder Bay’s west boat ramp remains closed until water level rises enough to safely use the ramp.

To see a map of public boating areas in Nebraska, visit


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