November 2, 2016 daryl bauer

One of my favorite themes about fishing in Nebraska is the variety of species and fishing opportunities our great state offers.  There are around a hundred species of fish swimming in Nebraska waters.  More than half of those hundred species are minnows of some kind and a variety of other small fish that typically are not caught on hook and line.  That is unless you are “micro-fishing”.  Micro-fishing?????  What in the world is “micro-fishing”?  Watch this and you will get the idea.

OK, I know immediately what some of you are thinking:  “This is ridiculous, and if there were sport fish to be caught, who would consider fishing for “minnows?”  Before you dismiss it, remember that one of the beauties of fishing is that you just never know what lurks below the surface.  They might be big, they might be small, but a huge part of the fun is the discovery!  Who knows what you might pull out?  Even though they might be small, they can be “purdy” and they are all interesting in their own right.  You might just discover that there are some really interesting fish that you knew nothing about swimming below the surface.

In the discovery, who knows what you might learn about the fish and the habitats in which they live?  Believe me, I am all about big fish, Muskies, Flatheads, Walleyes, Bass, Wipers, etc., etc., sign me up!  But, micro-fish are important too and so are the waters in which they live.  Check it out, I am betting there is a body of water close to just about everyone, a small stream, maybe just a “drainage ditch”, and you might be surprised at the gems that live there.  In addition to that, you might even learn something in the process, and what you learn will be applicable to other fishing situations for other species including those big, charismatic sport fish!  The more time you spend on the water, the more you learn.  Period.

Micro-fishing has become somewhat of a new fad in the world of fishing.  I even found a story about it on National Public Radio (read it, you will learn some more).  Like everything else these days, there is a lot of information on the internet.  Microfishing.com has a wealth of information including recommendations on specialized tackle and baits (listen to ’em when they recommend waxworms or maggots!), and of course you can interact with other micro-fishers on FaceBook.

Try it out, see what you might find in McElligot’s Pool.

Orangespotted Sunfish, one of Nebraska’s prettiest “micro-fish”. NEBRASKAland photo.

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