Ice Fishing Primer

November 16, 2022 daryl bauer

I know I am not the only one.  There are some of you that are just as crazy as I am. . . . This cold snap has us wondering how soon we might be on the ice!

Now, I am not going to post my annual reminder about ice safety, yet.  My bet is it is going to be a while yet before we have enough ice to be ice-fishing.  However, I know it is not too soon to start thinking about it!

So, may I suggest that it is time to change line on the ice rods, sharpen the auger blades, make sure your depth-finder battery will hold a charge.  Check the jig box, replace the old favorites you are low on, and while you are at it, pick up a dozen of the newest, latest and greatest.  Sharpen hooks, try the ice gear on to make sure it still fits, put new laces on the boots.  You can always use a couple, three more pairs of gloves, and another box of hand-warmers would not hurt.  Now is the time to start getting ready!  Your favorite sporting goods store has the ice fishing gear on the shelves!


I realize some of you may be new to the ice game.  Let me suggest this old graphic illustrates the basic gear you will need to get started:


If you have questions about any of those items, please ask!

A number of years ago we filmed a series of videos on ice-fishing basics.  Yes, those videos are a few years old, but the basics are still the same.  Check ’em out.

While you are at it, you might want to go even further. . . . In-Fisherman has a great on-line primer for ice fishing, All About Ice Fishing.  Take some time and read through that and you will be off to an even better start!

Then, you can be eagerly waiting for ice with the rest of us!  Crazy?  Crazy like a fox!


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