Hot Spot

July 15, 2016 daryl bauer

Anglers are always looking for the next hot bite.  Some of us scout for new fishing holes like a special forces team behind enemy lines.  If there is a hot spot out there, somewhere, anywhere, I will find it.

Does anyone know where this spot is?  Looks like some great Bullhead fishing!

Come to think of it, I think I recognize one of those kids, saw him riding a bike in my neighborhood.  Think I need to tail ’em.

You gotta admit, those kids are pretty creative in their rigging; must be ice anglers.  I would prefer to jig for ’em myself.  Wonder if I could drop my transducer down the man-hole cover?

Have a great weekend.  GO FISH even if it is just in the storm drain in front of your house!  As long as you have a line in the water, you never know!

Photo cropped to protect identity of location.


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