Good Day to Fish?

May 26, 2017 daryl bauer

You can start a good discussion, if not an argument, among a bunch of hard-core anglers by asking when are the best times, best days to fish.  There will be talk about moon phases, solunar periods, cold fronts, falling barometers, alignment of planets and maybe even some astrology.

This pretty much describes my opinion:

Obviously something I found on the internet, somewhere I do not remember. Probably at the Respect the Fish FaceBook page.

Seriously, there are so many variables that influence fish behavior and fishing success that it is impossible to isolate any one variable and label it as THE KEY.  The only thing I know for sure is you cannot catch anything sitting at home on the couch.  The best time to go fishing is whenever you have time.  Period.  End of discussion.  GO FISH!

If you want to read some other thoughts I have had on the subject, Moon ‘Em and Under Pressure.

Memorial Day Weekend

We are on the eve of our Memorial Day weekend–one of the best weekends to fish for a variety of species on waterbodies all over Nebraska.  Yes, this weekend will be a good time to go fishing!  Obviously the fishing patterns, locations and techniques will vary from one species to another and from one waterbody to another, but by the end of May our schizophrenic spring weather has usually evened out a bit, water temperatures are a little bit warmer, and fish activity and catchability will be much more consistent–some of the best of the year.

So, whatever your plans are for this first holiday of the summer, you should include at least some fishing time!  I know many years Memorial Day weekend has been a weekend when my family and I have had some great fishing for a variety of species of fish!


Don’t Forget

Memorial Day is a big weekend enjoyed in a lot of ways by a lot of folks.  Certainly camping, fishing, boating, grilling, and a host of other outdoor activities will be part of almost everyone’s Memorial Day weekend, and everyone will enjoy themselves immensely.  That is good, the way it should be.  Still, take some time to take in a Memorial Day observance, visit a national cemetery, pause and remember those who have gone on before, some of them old fishing buddies, and especially those who have served our country.  For example, here is just one that I will be thinking of:



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