Fly Fishing is a Joke

September 1, 2017 daryl bauer

If you read my blog post earlier this week, you know that I just got back from a week fishing with family in Montana.  I love going to different waters, experiencing and learning different things.  In Montana we fished a couple of the most well-known fly-fishing waters in the world, and it truly is a different world.  It reminded me of this video I found a couple of years ago. . . .

Warning:  Before you take the ten minutes to watch the video, it gets kinda deep, kinda philosophical.  But, if you are as serious about your fishing as I am, whether that is done with a fly rod or some other gear, you will get it, you will appreciate it, you will smile!

Have a great weekend everyone, an extended Labor Day weekend.  Don’t miss a chance to GO FISH, and don’t miss a chance to laugh!


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