Firearm deer season opens Nov. 10

November 6, 2018 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska’s nine-day firearm deer season opens Nov. 10, giving individuals an opportunity to share a hunt with family or friends.

As of Nov. 5, deer permits remain in the following management units: Blue Southeast, Buffalo Whitetail, Calamus East, Calamus West, Keya Paha, Loup East, Loup West, Missouri, Plains, and Platte Whitetail.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission also reminds hunters:

— Cash donations to the Hunters Helping the Hungry (HHH) program are encouraged so it can continue to feed Nebraskans in need by providing ground venison. HHH contracts with processors, who prepare and package ground venison from donated deer. Charitable organizations then pick up and distribute venison to Nebraskans. For more information about HHH or to make a cash donation, visit

— Ahead of the harvest, hunters should locate a check station near their location. Firearm deer hunters and archers harvesting deer during the November firearm season must deliver their deer to a check station no later than 1 p.m. on the day following the close of the season. To find a complete list of available check stations, as well as a map, visit

— Lymph node samples to be tested for chronic wasting disease (CWD) will be collected from select harvested deer at check stations in the Pine Ridge, Plains, Sandhills, Keya Paha, Calamus West and Loup West management units. Learn more about CWD at

— Nebraskans who want to donate or receive harvested deer can participate in the Deer Exchange, which is designed to accommodate the additional harvest of deer. It brings together hunters who have a surplus of deer with recipients willing to accept the deer meat. To join, visit

— Hunters should keep safety the top priority in the field by always keeping their rifle muzzle pointed in a safe direction, with safety on, and finger off the trigger, until they are ready to fire. They also should identify their target and what lies beyond it before firing. In addition, all deer hunters are required to wear 400 square inches of blaze orange on their head, chest and back during the November firearm season, regardless if they are hunting with a firearm or archery tackle.

To purchase a deer permit online, visit

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