Fall Trout Stocking, 2022

September 26, 2022 daryl bauer

I started getting calls about this over a month ago.  Here you go, the fall 2022 trout stocking schedule:

Game and Parks announces stocking schedule for rainbow trout

Rainbow trout will be stocked by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to enhance fishing opportunities this fall and winter.

“This program emphasizes the urban and community waters statewide,” said Greg Anderson, Game and Parks’ fish production supervisor. “Ten-inch trout are stocked to provide angling opportunities for all ages to catch and harvest.”

The stocking of trout will begin the week of Sept. 26 and continue weekly through October.

“Hatchery crews work tirelessly throughout the year and drive thousands of miles ensuring trout arrive safe and healthy to their destinations,” Anderson said. “Although we have a schedule, Nebraska’s weather may have its own mind that alters our plans. Be assured we’ll accommodate the schedule, however, unforeseen issues besides weather, like unfavorable water body conditions, vehicle and mechanical failures, can occur.”

Stocking also will take place in November and December as time and weather permit. Crystal Spring Middle Pond near Fairbury will be stocked following the cormorant migration to ensure trout are available to the anglers there. A project will take place at Lake Ogallala this fall, necessitating a drawdown. It will be stocked once work there is complete and favorable water conditions exist.

Fishing for trout is a great way to introduce children to fishing because simple and inexpensive equipment may be used. A spinning or spin-cast rod and reel with a hook baited with a worm will work well. Add a split shot a couple of feet above the hook and a bobber a couple of feet above the split shot. Spinners, salmon eggs, dough baits and artificial flies also can catch trout.

If you are just getting into fishing, a helpful resource is Game and Parks’ Going Fishing Guide, available at OutdoorNebraska.gov/howtofish.

Visit OutdoorNebraska.gov/fishing for more information on fishing in Nebraska.

The following is the tentative rainbow trout stocking schedule, including quantities:

Week of Sept. 26

-Gilbert-Baker Wildlife Management Area pond, Harrison, 600

-White River, Fort Robinson State Park, Crawford, 1,000

-Bridgeport State Recreation Area middle lake, 2,000

-South Grable Pond, Fort Robinson SP, Crawford, 1,170

-Middle Grable Pond, Fort Robinson SP, Crawford, 340

Week of Oct. 3

-Holdrege City Lake, 130

-Lake Helen, Gothenburg, 100

-Birdwood WMA, North Platte, 200

-Bridgeport SRA northwest lake, 1,400

-Laing Lake, Alliance, 1,500

-Lake Carter P. Johnson, Fort Robinson SP, Crawford, 2,500

-Cherry Creek Diversion Pond, Fort Robinson SP, Crawford, 250

-Sidney Legion Park Pond, 300

-East Branch of Verdigre Creek, Royal, 200

Week of Oct. 10

-Elm Creek, Elm Creek WMA, Red Cloud, 1,000

-North Morrill pond, 2,250

-Middle Morrill pond, 450

-South Morrill pond, 400

-Riverside Park Pond, Scottsbluff, 900

-Holdrege City Lake, 1,870

-Fort Kearny SRA No. 6, 1,200

-Rock Creek Lake, Parks, 3,000

-Curtis golf course pond, 200

-Oxford City Lake, 300

-Crystal Cove Lake, South Sioux City, 3,600

-Fremont Lakes SRA No. 2, 3,600

-East Branch of Verdigre Creek, Royal, 200

Week of Oct. 17

-Such’s Lake, Grand Island, 650

-Heartwell Park Lake, Hastings, 900

-Geneva Pond, 300

-Pawnee City Park Lake, 300

-Optimist Lake, Auburn, 800

-Stanton Lake, Falls City, 200

-Humboldt City Park Lake, 600

-Holmes Lake, Lincoln, 3,000

-Bowling Lake south pond, Lincoln, 400

-CenturyLink Lake, Eugene T. Mahoney SP, Ashland, 1,500

-Central Nebraska Veterans’ Home pond, Kearney, 200

-Ansley City Lake, 1,000

-Melham Park Lake, Broken Bow, 875

-Auble Pond, Ord, 1,500

-Bessey Pond, Halsey, 600

-Gracie Creek Pond, Burwell, 1,000

-Lake Helen, Gothenburg, 1,900

-Windmill SRA No. 2, Gibbon, 600

-Plum Creek Park Lake, Lexington, 750

-Birdwood WMA, North Platte, 3,800

-Middle Ice House Pond, Fort Robinson SP, Crawford, 200

-Lower Ice House Pond, Fort Robinson SP, Crawford, 500

-Humphrey Pond, Ogallala, 600

-Steinhart Park Pond, Nebraska City, 800

-Weeping Water Park Pond 1, 1,500

-Lake Halleck, Papillion, 1,200

-Fontenelle Park Pond, Omaha, 1,200

-Benson Park Pond, Omaha, 1,050

-Louisville SRA Pond 1A, 600

-David City Park Pond, 600

-Hanscom Park Pond, Omaha, 450

-Towl Park Pond, Omaha, 300

-Fremont Lakes SRA No. 2, 900

-Crystal Cove Lake, South Sioux City, 1,400

-East Branch of Verdigre Creek, Royal, 200

Oct. 22

-Ta-Ha-Zouka Park Lake, Norfolk, 1,500

-Pawnee Park west pond, Columbus, 1,500

Week of Oct. 24

-Grove Lake WMA, Royal, 1,500

-Grove Lake sandpit, Royal, 75


-Crystal Springs Middle Pond, Fairbury, 1,200

-Lake Ogallala SRA, Ogallala, 10,000


-Birdwood WMA, North Platte, 4,000

-CenturyLink Lake, Eugene T. Mahoney SP, Ashland, 3,500

-Bowling Lake south pond, Lincoln, 400

-Holmes Lake, Lincoln, 3,000

-Lake Ogallala SRA, Ogallala, 10,000

Find a kid, find a beginner and take ’em fishing!


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