Deer Opener

November 15, 2019 daryl bauer

“Big, big weekend up at the lodge this weekend!”  Yep, it’s opening weekend of the Nebraska firearm deer season.  No, I am not going to blog about fishing today.  I am betting many of you are getting ready to hunt tomorrow.

I love to hunt too, but admittedly do more fishing than hunting.  A lot of that is because there is so much to do and so little time.  I have done a little big game hunting, but not a lot.  Again, not that I have anything against it, or dislike it, I just have spent more time fishing or hunting other game.

So, I do not have many deer hunting stories to share.  Oh sure, I have one that involves a mis-fire, and a buck that still stood there looking at me, but what I really know is this:  For many, the firearm deer opener is about tradition, about family.  Many of you will be gathering with family and friends tonight in anxious anticipation of a weekend of hunting, but more importantly a weekend of time spent together!

And that is what it really is all about!

My mis-fire buck happened with my uncle sitting right behind me, coaching me.  He and I spent that deer opener together, just the two of us.  Man, what I wouldn’t give to jump in a time machine and re-live that day again!

My son’s first deer was also taken while hunting with one of his uncles and a cousin.  And, taken with a flint-lock!  How cool was that?

So, I hope you have a great hunt, but more importantly a great weekend!  I know none of you can relate to this song, but maybe you “know a friend” that will appreciate it!

Take some time to read my buddy Greg Wagner’s blog post before you hit the field, How to Best Photograph a Hunter with their Harvested Deer.


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