Cold Water Boat Safety

November 23, 2020 daryl bauer

I know many of you have already winterized the boats.  However, I also know that as long as we have liquid water, some will still be launching boats and fishing.  We have lots of folks that are using their boats for waterfowl hunting too.  You all should have made note of this news release at the end of last week:

Trenton man injured in Swanson Reservoir boating accident

LINCOLN, Neb. – A 46-year-old Trenton man was hospitalized with injuries following a boating accident Nov. 19 on Swanson Reservoir in Hitchcock County.

Sometime in the afternoon, the victim, the sole occupant other than a dog, apparently was ejected from his boat. The running boat began circling. Another boater rescued the man from the water and took him to the boat ramp to be treated by emergency personnel.

The victim, who sustained injuries from the propeller, was flown by helicopter to CHI Health Good Samaritan in Kearney.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission conservation officers secured the boat and dog. Game and Parks is investigating the incident.

Wear your life jacket, use the kill switch!  You should do that ALL THE TIME, but it is especially critical when the water is cold.  That would be now.

I will keep blogging about this from time to time because of what I see.  I continually see guys fishing alone, not wearing their life jacket and not using the kill-switch.

You are asking for trouble.

Watch the first couple minutes of this video.  You will get the idea.

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