Cold Water Boat Safety

April 13, 2020 daryl bauer

Last week the weather was nice, temperatures were warm and none of you would have listened to me. . . .

This week the reality of springtime in Nebraska has slapped us in the face, again.  Maybe I can get a few of you to consider some things. . . .

I know we are all anxious to get on the water this time of year, and I know we love a warm spring afternoon.  But, even on those afternoons the water is still relatively cold and if you fall in, you are going to be surprised, or worse.  Yet I continue to see all kinds of folks boating without life jackets this time of year.  I have even see kids in boats without life jackets.  Better brush up on that 2020 Boating Guide.

Our conservation officers will pretty much write you up for boat safety violations.  No warnings, no excuses.  Wanna know why?  If you work a boating fatality, you will know why.

So, let me share this story which has some really good information on personal floatation devices.

IMPORTANT!! Stuff you NEED to know about bassin’ safety

All times of year I see macho guys on the water by themselves.  I have no problem with that, but I hope you all are using your kill-switch.

If you are not, spend a few minutes watching this video.  Warning: It is a little intense, but maybe then you will get the idea!

Life jackets and kill switches do not work if you do not use them.

Just like your seat belt.

Wear It!


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