Busy Spring

April 28, 2022 daryl bauer

Every year about this time I get the feeling that everything is happening way too fast!  I look for ways to slow down the clock, the calendar, and make spring last as long as possible.  For a couple of years during the stupid pandemic, it was a slower pace because of this restriction or that closure.  This year it has been back to full bore!  Love it!

I really do not have a long blog post today, nor a lot of content.  I have been outta the office helping do some field work again this week.  Tomorrow is a holiday.  Turkeys are gobbling, fish are biting, I have places to go, things to see. . . .

Oh yes, I already have some stories to tell.  For today the best you will get will be some teasers.  Then, I will be out the door for some more.  More detailed reports and stories to come . . . .

My field work involved some of these:


On the way home I stopped off at a spot in the sandhills and made a few casts.  I did not catch any large pike, 28-inchers were the biggest, but there were lots of them, they were done spawning, the water was finally beginning to warm, and they were on the bite!  They literally chewed the paint off my X-Raps!


Broke off hooks too!

I have not had  a lot of time with the turkeys so far this spring, some, want some more.  What I have spent has been very productive and very entertaining.  Yes, there were jakes in the decoys!


I know our spring weather has been typically schizophrenic and maybe even windier than normal.  Forecast for this weekend is for rain.  I hope so!  Yep, weather trumps everything, but as much as possible, get out there!  It is happening right now, and if you spend any time sitting on the couch, you are missing it!

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