A Note and An Event

February 21, 2017 daryl bauer

Yesterday was a holiday, President’s Day, and I had the day off.  Never fear, I went fishing, actually got on the ice one last time for this season.  Don’t worry, George Washington would have approved!

Another “meme” I found floating around the internet. I liked it, saved it, but do not remember where I found it. Sorry.

Actually, I recently learned that President Washington liked to fish!  He did some profitable commercial fishing at Mt. Vernon, and took opportunities to fish other places too.  However, I doubt he dried off any stripers while crossing the Delaware.

Tomorrow evening I will be in York at this event:


I do not plan to be a big part of the program tomorrow night, but I will be there, will have some materials to hand out, and some Nebraska fish pictures to show.  If you are in the area, this is a great event for a good cause, please stop by!  Eat a sandwich, say “hi”, ask some questions, tell me a fish story or three!


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