A Message from CFO KVD

June 29, 2018 daryl bauer

Another doozy from “KVD” to lighten your Friday, and get you ready for the weekend. . . .

He wasn’t kidding, Karl’s Bait and Tackle.

Again, I do not feature “KVD’s” “stuff” as an endorsement nor am I sponsored by anyone.  I just think the commercials are hilarious!

However, there are some good deals, good baits there, and a wealth of information.  If that helps you take your fishing to the next level, then I hope you are all in!

Meme from combatflyfishing.com.

Way too many people taking life too seriously, it’s time to GO FISH!

Have a great weekend, spend some time listening to the soothing pitter-plop of a Jitterbug coming across the surface.

Wait for it. . . .

“Boom, goes the dynamite”!


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