What To Do with Old Plastics?

November 28, 2016 daryl bauer

No matter what kind of fish you pursue, you likely have a tackle box that contains a variety of soft plastic baits, “rubber” worms, grubs, crayfish, flukes, swimbaits, etc., etc.  Those baits are very effective and most anglers use them at least part of the time.  Some of us use them A LOT!  In the course of a day on the water, especially if fish are being caught, those plastic baits will take some abuse and need replacement.  So, then what?  What do you do with the old, discarded plastic baits?  That is easy, “Pitch It”!

Yes, I know that there will be times that plastic baits get ripped off of hooks and lost in the water.  It happens.  But, most of the time you will have those old plastic baits in hand and will make a conscious decision what to do with them.  Listen to “KVD”, DO NOT throw ’em in the water or on the bank!

It infuriates me the trash that gets left by slobs on the shores of our waters.  Those slobs in some cases are “anglers”, but I refuse to call them “anglers”; they are slobs and in fact bigger pigs than pigs themselves (apologies to any pigs I just offended).

Here is the right thing to do with those old plastic baits:


You may think my timing is odd, blogging about this at the end of our open-water season, eve of our ice-fishing season.  I suppose that is true to some extent, but a reminder about taking care of our resources is never out of season.  In addition, in recent years the use of plastic baits while ice-fishing has increased exponentially.  Yep, most of those ice-fishing plastics are relatively small, but the message applies to them as well.

Take some time, learn some more here, Pledge to Pitch It.  Take some time to check out the website that KVD recommends too, Keep America Fishing.



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