What Hunting Permit Must I Carry?

September 18, 2023 NEBRASKAland Magazine

Do you need to print your hunting permits?


Conservation officer Kyle Gaston checks the permit of waterfowl hunter Todd Mills of Gretna after a teal hunt in York County.

Photo by Jeff Kurrus, Nebraskaland Magazine

By Jeff Kurrus

On your next pre-hunting season shopping trip, do you need to add printer paper to the list? Or can you simply access your permits through your mobile device? In Nebraska, it depends on what you’re hunting.

Print Big

When hunting Nebraska’s big game species — deer, elk and antelope — a printed permit must be carried on your person while hunting.

Go Mobile

This is where it gets easy. If you’re not hunting one of the big game species listed above, then all of your permits can be displayed in the GoOutdoorsNE mobile app or saved on your mobile device. That includes small game, fish, resident fur harvest, and waterfowl and habitat stamps. Turkey permits are no different. For turkeys, this permit also must be cancelled via online Telecheck.

You Must Be HIP

Nebraska’s Harvest Information Program allows biologists to gather survey information for dove, duck, goose, snipe, rail, coot and woodcock hunters each year. Hunters must register for a number online and know this number if asked by a conservation officer. The number will print on any applicable permits purchased after registration. However, while no printed copy is required, knowing that number is necessary.

Park Permits

If hunting on state park lands, a park permit sticker is required on the windshield of your vehicle.

But It’s My Land

Landowner permits fall under the same regulations for printing big game permits and going mobile with the rest.

The Feds

If hunting ducks or geese, a federal duck stamp is required. If purchased online, an Electronic Duck Stamp receipt allows customers to purchase the stamp and use it immediately. It’s valid 45 days from the date of purchase. After 45 days, customers must carry the signed Federal Duck Stamp on their person while hunting.

This hunting season, pay attention to these rules to ensure that when you see a conservation officer coming your way, the only thing you’ll be thinking about is sharing stories of your great day afield.

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