We’ve All Been There!

July 19, 2018 daryl bauer

I found this video on the interwebs recently.  I kind of like it!

OK, I suppose that is a nice video to help you relax and get ready for you next fishing trip, maybe even this weekend, but I liked it so much because I relate to it!  “Hey, I resemble that remark”!

Some of you watched a little of it, maybe half, and mumbled something disparaging about fly anglers.  BALONEY.  You have done the same thing, bass on topwater baits, bait-rigging for walleyes or catfish, a white bass/wiper feeding frenzy, pulling your bait away from a following muskie–you ain’t kidding me, we have all been there.  Know the feeling, all too well.

Know the satisfaction in finally getting-R-done, too!

As my Gramps Roth always told me, “Jerk their eye-teeth out”!

Can’t wait until the next time!

Another image I stole from the internet someplace. Where? I cannot remember.

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