Want To Get Better?

April 19, 2023 daryl bauer

I am assuming that most of you reading my blog are serious about your fishing.  I am.  If you are like me you devour any and all information you can find on fishing, how-to, techniques, gear, thinking, theory, biology, limnology, etc., etc.  There are a lot of things I read, watch and listen to.  Yes, I subscribe to a whole list of YouTube pages.

On one of those subscriptions, I recently came across a series of videos about being a better angler.  I watched them.  They are very good.

So, here on my blog, I am going to post them, all of them.  They are short, watch ’em.

I do not care what you fish for, these videos are fundamental to becoming a better angler, catching more fish, catching bigger fish.  Whether you have just been hooked on fishing or have been casting and reeling for dozens of years, there is something in these videos that will make you better:

By the way, the Seven Fish guys are Nebraska anglers.  You can find the “Multifarious Fisherman” hanging around the fishing section in Omaha Scheels much of the time.  I have been on the water with him a time or two, he is a good stick, he knows what he is talking about.  If you are serious about your fishing, watch and listen, there is something there you can learn!


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