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September 22, 2021 daryl bauer

I have been outta the office for the past several days, most of the past couple of weeks.  I have a bunch of news item updates to get to in the coming blogs.  Let me start with some renovations that are happening:

East Sutherland I80 Lake’s fishery chemically renovated

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. – East Sutherland Interstate 80 Lake was chemically renovated Sept. 15, 2021.

The rotenone treatment used at the lake was aimed to eliminate common carp and other undesirable fish species, which are detrimental to aquatic habitat, water quality and sport fish populations.

In preparation for the treatment, biologists salvaged game fish from the lake and relocated them to other lakes.

Restocking of yellow perch and adult smallmouth bass will occur in late September or October this year. Rock bass will be stocked in 2022.


This one is happening today:

Fremont rec area Lake 20 to be chemically renovated

LINCOLN, Nebraska — Lake 20 at Fremont State Recreation Area is scheduled to be chemically renovated Sept. 22 to remove the existing fish population.

Unwanted fish, including white perch, common carp and gizzard shad, were introduced to the lake during the 2019 spring flooding when the lake experienced severe damage.

The fish renovation and restocking is the final step in restoring the lake for future recreational use.

Rotenone will be applied in the lake to kill the existing fish. Because rotenone is a restricted-use pesticide, the lake will be closed to the public during the chemical application Sept. 22 and no fish may be picked up for human consumption.

The lake will be restocked with largemouth bass and bluegill in early October; black crappie, channel catfish and muskellunge will be stocked in 2022.


You will recall that the great flood of 2019 was very hard on Fremont #20.  Significant work has been done on that pit already to repair damage that was done by the flooding.  Additional damage was the influx of unwanted species.  This renovation will put that fishery back on the road to recovery–there will be some good fishing again in a few years.

If you need a reminder about rotenone renovations, and how important they are as a fisheries management tool, Renovations.

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