Tubbs, Sears set female state record at NASP tournament

March 26, 2018 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN, Neb. – Jaci Tubbs and Liberty Sears set a state record high score for females in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) state tournament March 24 at Speedway Sporting Village in Lincoln.

Tubbs, of Lincoln’s North Star High School, and Sears’ of Lincoln East High, each scored 288 out of possible 300 points for the highest scores of the meet. Tubbs won a shoot-off to take the state title in the high school female division. She had finished second in 2016 and 2017.

The overall male high score was a 286 by Jose Nevada of Omaha’s Mater Dei Academy.

Lincoln’s Pound Middle School broke its own state record for a middle school team score with 3,177 points. Pound had set the record in 2016, and then tied it last year.

The 2018 event, the 13th in Nebraska, saw 853 registered archers. Archers shot 15 arrows at targets from 10 meters and 15 arrows from 15 meters.

NASP is an in-school curriculum covering target archery for students in grades 4-12. In Nebraska, 285 schools have NASP as part of their physical education curriculum, and 35,000 students participate each school year. The state tournament is the largest archery event in Nebraska.

The results:


High School Female – 1. Jaci Tubbs, Lincoln North Star, 288; 2. Liberty Sears, Lincoln East, 288; 3. Belle Kendle, East, 283; 4. Paige Trevarrow, Lincoln Southeast, 281; 5. Colleen Cerise, Omaha Mater Dei Academy, 278

High School Male – 1. Jose Nevada, Mater Dei, 286; 2. Doran Auger, Expect the X homeschool, Lincoln, 284; 3. David Lynch, East, 284; 4. Matthew Gruhn, Southeast, 281; 5. Malachi Bornschlegl, Expect the X, 281

Middle School Female – 1. Mikenna Gerber, Lincoln Pound, 276; 2. Ellie Bomberger, Lincoln Irving, 275; 3. Rosie Beeck, Pound, 272; 4. Morgan Payton, Superior, 270; 5. Lucy Hall, Pound, 269

Middle School Male – 1. Owen Chaffin, Irving, 282; 2. Malachi Bird, Mater Dei, 277; 3. Creighton Blahak, Pound, 275; 4. Nathan Socha, Lincoln St. John, 270; 5. Ethan Dahl, Irving, 270

Elementary Female – 1. Grayce Beck, Lawrence-Nelson, 253; 2. Haley Nichols, Expect the X, 251; 3. Cecilia Sandquist, Mater Dei, 247; 4. Kolia Bornschlegl, Expect the X, 245; 5. Rylee Newman, Omaha Walt Disney, 232

Elementary Male – 1. Tyler Heisler, Omaha Holling Heights, 254; 2. Brady Tonar, Holling Heights, 240; 3. Jackson Roberts, Lincoln Blessed Sacrament, 240; 4. Sawyer Cox, Lawrence-Nelson, 237; 5. Cooper Ehlers, Superior, 235


High School – 1. East, 3,281; 2. Mater Dei, 3,270; 2. Expect the X, 3,164; Middle School – 1. Pound, 3,177; 2. Irving, 3,098; 3. Mater Dei, 3,064; Elementary – 1. Blessed Sacrament, 2,555; 2. Superior, 2,348; 3. Holling Heights, 2,272

Nebraska Bowhunters Association Sportsmanship Trophy – Mater Dei

Nebraska Endowment Scholarship – Females: Jaci Tubbs, North Star, $1,000; Liberty Sears, East, $500; Belle Kendle, East, $250; Paige Trevarrow, Southeast, $250; Males: Jose Nevada, Mater Dei, $1,000; Andrew Socha, Lincoln Pius X, $500; Owen Chaffin, Irving, $250; David Lynch, East, $250

SACO Duels – 1. Burwell; 2. Irving

Academic All-State Team – North Star: Jaci Tubbs; Expect the X: Doran Auger, Malachi Bornschlegl, Harrison Kearns; Boaz Bornschlegl; East: Belle Kendle, Alex Falkinburg, Jarod Schwinck, Liberty Sears, Alyssa Schwinck, David Lynch; Southeast: Paige Trevarrow, Hailey Cabela, Matthew Gruhn; Bloomfield: Mitchell Mackepra, Jackson Eisenhower, Jared Hornback; Mater Dei: Daniel Janzen, Joe Vines, Collene Cerise; Pound Middle: Mikenna Gerber, Creighton Blahak; Irving Middle: Ellie Bomberger, Owen Chaffin

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