The end of the Nongame Bird Blog

October 16, 2018 Joel Jorgensen

Individuals that have visited this blog over the past six years to read one or more of the 300+ posts will have noticed that the frequency and quality of the blog posts has ebbed over the last year.  The principal reason this occurred is because I have focused much of my extracurricular time and energy on the Birds of Nebraska – Online.   I have a recent post on this blog describing what that project is all about.  Because work on the Birds of Nebraska – Online and other projects will continue into the future, I have made the decision to end the Nongame Bird Blog.

The good news is that I have the ability and opportunity to blog on the Birds of Nebraska – Online when I feel the need or desire to prattle on about something piquing my interest in the bird world.  For example, I recently did a post about Nebraska’s second Anna’s Hummingbird on the Birds of Nebraska – Online.  I will also be able to continue to blog about the subjects I’ve written about in the past on the Nongame Bird Blog.   My partner on Birds of Nebraska – Online, Ross Silcock, will also have the opportunity to blog about various subjects when he chooses to do so.  Before I sign off, I want to thank anyone and everyone that has visited the Nongame Bird Blog, offered a comment or shared their own avian experiences with me.  Thank you!  See you over at the Birds of Nebraska – Online.  

As always, good birding!

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