Tall Tales

March 31, 2023 daryl bauer

Tomorrow is April 1, “April Fools Day”.  What would be a good blog post for that occasion?

I thought about telling some unbelievable story, maybe sharing some doctored photo.  Sorry, I am hesitant to do that because on the ole interwebs you never know how some people will take things.  I have posted stuff like that before and had more than one person go off.  Apparently, pointy-headed fisheries biologists are not allowed to have a sense of humor.

Warped as it may be, those of you who know me know that ain’t true.

If you fish, you have probably heard a whopper or three–stories that are maybe a little hard to swallow.  However, isn’t that part of the reason we like to fish?  Isn’t that the very essence of fishing?  The unknown, the unbelievable?  Sharing those stories with other anglers is a big part of our fishing culture.  If you are like me, you like listening to them.  Telling them too.

That reminded me to mention something I have before, but it has been a while. . . .

Wanna listen to some good stories?  Some whoppers?  Well, I know a website dedicated to that very thing!  Click on the link, check out some of these stories:

Fish Stories, Tall Tales

If you discover you like that, it gets even better!  You can join and leave your own stories!


You can imagine that I hear A LOT of fish stories.  I love it, but gotta wonder about some of them:


I suspect this is much closer to the truth:


Hope you get a chance to get in the field or on the water this weekend.  Hope you get to make up some new stories, hope you get to listen to some too.


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