Take ‘Em Fishing

February 17, 2023 daryl bauer

You saw the title of this blog post.  It is a title that I have used more than once, but I have never used it in this way. . . .

At the beginning of the classroom ice fishing clinic in Kearney a few weeks ago, we started by mentioning some of the reasons we love to ice fish.  I have a hard time talking about that without cracking up.  Yes, I suppose I am soft.  I have so many memories of trips spent with family, loved ones.  Many of those trips were with some of my best fishing buddies, buddies who are gone now.  Yes, I can get emotional thinking about that.  Those times mean so much to me.

That is a big reason many of us are so passionate about sharing our ice fishing passion, our fishing passion, with others.  Time spent together in the outdoors has meant everything to my family over the years.  I would hope that others would like to have the same experiences and same time spent together with their friends and family.

I was reminded again of how much it means when I got a couple of e-mails from an old college buddy this winter.  This is a buddy who I attended classes with at the University many years ago.  I still communicate frequently with one of our professors.  To this day that professor believes all the two of us ever did in his class was talk fishing.  That was pretty close to the truth.  We still talk fishing.

Earlier this winter that buddy sent me a video, a video of his brother pulling his dad on a sled.  He was pulling him so his elderly dad could still go ice-fishing!

I love it!  I cannot hear any dialogue, but I imagine the old patriarch knows exactly where the fish are and he was pointing them out!  Don’t need no stinkin’ “live scope”!

His dad had slipped on the ice last winter and broke his hip.  However, that was not going to keep him from ice-fishing this winter!

He can still catch fish too!



Now that’s exactly what I am talking about!

Find a friend, find a family member, take ’em fishing this weekend!

Thanks, Bob for sharing your dad with us!  Hope he has a lot more fish stories to tell!

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