July 28, 2022 daryl bauer

I have a million sunset photos.  Oh sure, quite a few sunrise photos too, but far more sunsets.  There is just something about that time of day, the sun, the colors, the water, the quiet, often the fish biting, I just cannot resist taking another one.  At the time the photo was taken, I might have felt the same, but every sunset/sunrise is different.

For my Friday blog posts, I have thought about just posting sunset pictures.  If I did that, I could cover a whole bunch of Fridays before I would ever run out of them.  Could always take more too.

You might say this was the case:

pretty sunset

Usually that is NOT true!  I swear!

Usually the sunset photo is the cherry on top, one more thing by which to remember a special day, fish caught.  I cannot get enough and that is probably why I cannot quit taking photos of sunsets.

Hope you experience some good ones too!


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